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Personal Training

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Circuit Training

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Sports Nutrition

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Gym Based Boxing



RDX the Giant Inside

MyRichTones is the UK Fitness Ambassador for RDX the Giant Inside

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Misfit Shine Activity Monitor

Ambassador for MISFIT and its' Activity Monitor the 'Misfit Shine'. To get all the details visit the store here...

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist


I have been involved in Fitness and Sports all my life. Joining in local rugby when I was five and competing in various sports throughout the school years. Experience of ten years in the Royal Navy provides me with exposure to some of the toughest military training in the world. Pushing me to my physical and mental limits. This has formed a significant part of who I am today, broadening an outlook on fitness and appreciation on it's vast benefits.

Combining experience with a very personal and genuine drive to helping others, I feel that if I can enhance, improve and motivate someone’s fitness, I know there is always a positive impact on their lifestyle as a whole and I get a personal kick out of these outcomes.

The stripped back approach, I take on training my clients, is not to over complicate sessions and nutrition guidance but to ensure the individual understands the fundamentals and can apply them themselves to reap their own lifestyle benefits.

myRichTones specialises in one to one (face to face at point of activity or online vidconf), group/boot camp training and nutrition. The creativity feels endless, aided by being a very visual individual I can adapt any activity space whether it be at home, the local park or the gym.

Whether it is losing weight, putting on lean muscle or training for a specific sport or event I can provide an effective programme to fit you. Nutrition is a key factor and We can help clients with in depth knowledge to offer choices for a good food balance. Tailoring client specific nutrition plans and always ensuring it is both an enjoyable and a healthy option.

Enhancing someone’s life through healthier living and seeing a positive mental effect in their home and work environments is what makes me get out of bed in the morning. Simply put it is embedded in me to motivate others to benefit from physical activity.

Thanks for reading, now lets get down to business :)



Muscle Development to Competition Level

Muscle development to competition level


A Full and Comprehemsive Range of Work Outs

A full and comprehensive range of work outs


Gym Training plans, Circuit Plans, Personalised for every Individual

Gym training plans, circuit plans, personalised for every individual


Good Eeating is essential for Body and Mind

Good eating is essential for body and mind


Boot Camp for a 1 or 2 training day event

Join us for a nutrition and phy's fest! at a 'Base22' Boot Camp